Fallen Korovar

A Fiery Introduction

It had been a relatively pleasant spring day in the city of SouthCrown. The sun was about to go down. The shadows were lengthening in the market district’s Kindel Square, a place where five unsuspecting strangers were about to meet under dire circumstances.

Xarkavious, the human runepriest, was relaxing under the fountain of Sir Kindel, a forgotten hero from a distant era. Although Xarkavious was born and raised in this city, as well as trained with the abilities of a runepreist, he often felt at sorts with zealous followers in the cathedral district.

The tiefling Santana had just arrived in the city by airship. He relaxed in the Tack and Feathers, a pub on Kindel Square, anxious to find what new experiences he would profit from in a city where his renown didn’t smother him like a cloak.

Sitting nearby, looking forward to a mead-laden evening, was Tharn. He was a half-orc by birth, and a mercenary by trade. Long ago, for reasons few had pried from him, he forsook the marauding forces that besieged Southcrown and found a way to escape into the city.

Zanna the pelorian cleric knelt at one of the special prayer alters in the neighborhood shrine that were crafted small enough for the little folk to worship at. There she was deep in prayer for her twin brother. A few years prior, they had made their way to Southcrown. While she adapted fairly well to living here, her brother was always finding himself in grave trouble.

Akmonz, a tiefling mage of no small means perused the wares inside the Vile Vial for a means of reversing the horrible…

A loud cracking sound pierced the sky.

Everyone ran outside, or rushed to windows just in time to see that the iridescent glow that hovered above the city drop. The protective warding projected from the University of Mages had failed again. The magi atop the mushroom shaped building with a diamond top could be seen gesticulating wildly as they quickly worked to replace the fallen shield.

Moments afterward, catapults outside the walls discharged their contents in a rain of rocks, fire, orbs of magic, and monsters. Luckily, the mages were able to erect the shield in time to deflect most of the bombardment. However, a few of the missiles made it through.

A ball of fire smashed through some nearby buildings, and rolled into Kindel square. When the momentum of the fireball had stopped, it uncurled revealing itself as some kind of huge elemental creature.

While fighting the creature the adventurers found that the creature could swing its arms in a massive wave hitting multiple people at a time and creating small fire grues that would damage them if they stood too close to the grues.

After a long and desperate fight, the party managed to defeated the fire creature before it caused too much havoc in the market district.

Afterward, a sergeant from the city watch escorted the heroes to the guard captain who was looking for people with talent.



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