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Korovar, Empire of the Five Crowns.

At least it was…

It’s been thirty years since anyone has heard from the imperial capital of Northcrown.

Rumors run rampant, and chaos reigns as dark forces continue to overrun cities and settlements throughout the empire.

The city of Southcrown, which lies at the heart of a vast grassland, has held its ground for twenty-five years under constant siege. If it wasn’t for the fact that they are a port and shipyard for Talmari airships, they would have been overrun by the hordes of Zaxoramus long ago.

Once the linchpin of commerce and trade throughout the empire, rumors have it that Crownport is now ruled by a tyrannical pirate king. No one knows how he overcame the might of the imperial navy to rule the southern seas with an iron fist.

Occasionally, word of Eastcrown will break through the steamy jungles that surround it, and claim that although outsiders are shunned, the metropolis still thrives to this very day.

The port of Westcrown was built at the base of the Barrier Mounts that cut off the eastern deserts from the rest of the world. No one has heard the fate of the civilization of nomads that wander those deserts for almost twenty years. Those who can make sense of the fevered ramblings of the few sailors that have returned from Eastcrown say that it has been twisted into an alien, cursed place that is to be avoided at all costs.

Thirty years ago, in a flash, Imperial portals closed, and could not be reopened. A few months later, the floating citadels of the Waywardens fell to the ground. These powerful psychics facilitated nearly instantaneous communication throughout the empire. Now, those that remain have turned dangerously insane. And yet, after thirty years, no one has had word of what has befallen Northcrown. No one that has been sent to investigate has ever returned…

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